Holiday Needs 2017

Holiday Needs 2017

Holiday Needs 2017

Looking back on this year it is hard for me to imagine that the holidays are already here. For many families in the DFW area this is the most stressful time of the year. The holidays bring unexpected expenses as well as wanting to provide nice items for their families.

Giving Goods has comprised a list of local non-profits in-kind donation and volunteer needs to help you find the needed information in one place.  You can change a family’s holiday to make it the most memorable one yet! We will continue to update this list as we get more information, so please check back!

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Summer 2017 Needs

Summer is fast approaching and local non-profits need your help!!

Bryan’s House (Dallas)-Bryan’s House-For the summer, they host a “Splash Thursday” every week for their children. They can use volunteers (3-4) to help facilitate and assist teachers. Donations needed include: outdoor water activities, bathing suits for children ages 0-5 (for those children who may not be able to afford), beach towels, bubbles, hats/caps for children (protection during regular outdoor play).

Center for Transforming Lives (Fort Worth)-Over the summer they need help maintaining a garden bed and are requesting volunteers with knowledge in this area. This will allow children be able to watch something grow and help the staff.

Green Oaks School (Arlington)-Summer camp volunteers and volunteers for their adult program GOAL are needed.

Homes For Children (Grand Prairie)-Donations needed include storage shelves, art and craft supplies (mainly blank canvases for paint) for their summer camp.


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Local Non-Profit Community Gardens

Local Non-Profit Community Gardens

Spring is my favorite season. I love to be outside and spend time with my kiddos at the park. This time of year many are starting their family gardens. Did you know that several non-profits also have community gardens? This is an opportunity to experience the outdoors and do something wonderful for our neighbors.  Even if you don’t have a family garden volunteering in a community garden can give you quality time with your children and teach them about the work involved in growing your own food.  It can also be a opportune time to work with friends from church or your job to do something meaningful.  Here is a list of several non-profit community gardens in our area or call a non-profit near you to see if you can start one!!

6 Stones (Bedford)

6 Stones has 77 plots at their Bedford 6 Stones Community Garden that are rented out by people in the community who like to garden or want to learn how to garden. Their garden is unique in the fact that they have a diverse population group that includes South Africans who were farmers back home and families from the Congo. Currently all of their plots are rented out, but what they grow primarily depends on the gardeners. 6 Stones provides seed, water, & soil, but also allow the gardeners to choose.

They are also in the beginning stages of launching an urban farm next to their community garden. They know there is a great need for healthy food in this community and they want to provide a way to pump more fresh produce into this community as well as find sustainable resources to keep their community garden flourishing. 6 Stones believes this urban farm will allow them to take their garden to the next level and help further meet the needs of the impoverished around us.

6 Stones does an event every month called Family Serve Day, where anyone in the community can come out on a Saturday from 9am-noon, bring their friends, families, & kids and have a place to serve.  Currently Family Serve Day is focused on their garden.

They already have most of what they need, but have a little ways to go still. their hope is to make our garden a destination for the community. 6 Stones welcomes anyone and everyone to come out be apart of what they’re doing and have some very exciting things in store ahead. “One thing we know for sure and have seen is that this community isn’t growing a garden, but rather this garden is growing our community.”

Contact them at (817) 868-7400.

You can get more information on their website and Facebook, 6 Stones Bedford Community Garden, where they have pictures and videos.


Bryan’s House (Dallas)

Bryan’s House started a garden last spring when a  board member and her daughter took on the project.  They are currently working on getting the gardens fixed up for this summer and have a group planned for that.

Last year they grew tomatoes, strawberries, bell peppers, and lots of fresh herbs. Their biggest problem was up-keep. They can definitely use a weekly volunteer to come by and check in on the garden, make sure they are being watered and so on. Donation wise they could use small water pails (for the classrooms to use to water).

Contact them at: 214-559-3946

Visit Bryan’s House on-line to see how else you can help out!


Center For Transforming Lives (Fort Worth)

This spring they are having a wonderful group of students plant at some flowers and vegetables at one of their child development centers as a learning project for both the students and the children utilizing services at Transforming Lives. However, over the summer they need volunteers with specific knowledge to help maintain the garden bed. The flower beds are pretty small and there are only 3, but it would be great to have help maintain these gardens over the summer so the children can still be able to watch something grow and help the staff.

Visit their website for more information on what they do in our community.

Contact: Abby Cox-Volunteer Coordinator and Community Outreach Coordinator 817-332-6191


Holiday Donation And Volunteer Needs

Holiday Donation And Volunteer Needs

You can provide a meaningful holiday for individuals and families in the DFW area by volunteering your time or donating a few items.  When you donate you make an otherwise challenging financial situation into joyous and memorable moments.  This is also an excellent opportunity to start family traditions of giving.  Children enjoy picking out gifts and doing for others. Use the list below to find a non-profit near you and see how many people you can get involved.  Keep coming back, we will continue to update this list as the needs come in! Read more

Pick Up a Few Extra Gifts for Donations!

Pick Up a Few Extra Gifts for Donations!

As you are out Black Friday shopping and finding great deals, it is a good time to grab a few extra gifts for non-profits.  Local non-profits depend on us to make sure their families have a great Christmas!

Giving Goods is making this easier for you by having non-profit Christmas needs in one post.  Check this list to find a non-profit in your area and make donating easier this year!!


Giving Goods DFW Non-Profit Christmas Needs 2015 List


Keep Checking back because we will keep updating this list as non-profits publish their needs lists!

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