Check out a Non-Profit

If you are like us, you want your donations and volunteer hours to go where they can do the most good.  In order to make the most informed choice when donating, the first rule is:

Don’t be afraid to ask questions!

Research your charity or non-profit of choice.  Their contact information should be easy to find.  Gather their website address, their Family volunteering - Giving Goods DFWphysical address, an email address and a phone number.  Then make some calls.  If they are above board, they will have no problem answering your questions.  It’s to their benefit that all of their donors believe in their mission and trust their methods.

  • Ask about the charity’s mission and how your donation will be used
  • Ask if the charitable organization is a Section 501(c)(3) organization
  • Find out where you can review the organization’s annual report, 990’s and financial information

No one wants to get scammed.  Visit some of these well-known websites to help you find out which non-profits you can trust.

If you are a DFW non-profit interested in joining the Giving Goods network, visit our ‘Getting Listed‘ page for more information.



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