Thrifting Advice

Thrifting Advice

Thrifting can be a lot of fun, but discovering great finds can sometimes take a bit of work. When I head into a thrift shop, I always keep an eye out for fun fabrics and keep an open mind about alternate uses for traditional items– oversized shirts that could be fun summer dresses, etc. Here are a few other tips I’ve picked up over the years:

Be willing to dig. Unlike other stores there is usually only one of everything and some of the best stuff can get buried by the sheer volume of goods that get donated. For some shoppers getting elbow deep in the fashion is part of the fun.

Dress for the occasion. Wear comfy shoes if you plan to hit a bunch of stores in one trip. Avoid short skirts so that you can bend down to low racks and lean into big bins with ease. Where thin layers so that you can try stuff on quickly over your current outfit without dragging big piles of clothes to the line for the dressing room.

Pay attention to fabrics. When the clothes have a tag, take a moment to feel the fabric and find out what it’s made of. In the future this will help you identify fabrics by touch when the tag has been lost. This will help you avoid buying some nice wool or silk item only to bring it home and ruin it in the wash.

Be Open. Often it is best to see what the thrift shop has to offer, rather than looking for one specific item. Don’t narrow your search until you have to.

Go outside your comfort zone. Try something outside your usual color palette or style. Since the clothes are cheap

Consider alterations. Sometimes the perfect pair of pants just needs to be hemmed. Or the ideal sun dress would look better without sleeves. Try to look at items and envision what they could be with a little work. For ideas on how to upcycle clothes, check out our pinterest board Goodwill Upcycle Ideas.

Most importantly don’t let yourself get disheartened if you don’t find anything on your first trip. Keep going back and keep digging. There are treasures to be found!

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